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Here at Good Vibes we are dedicated to the enjoyment created by positive, fun and thoughtful exercise. We hope to inspire people to exercise because it’s better for their minds as well their bodies. Our winning combination of classes will not only make you fitter, but happier too and this is in big part due to the expertise and passion of our teachers.

When your good intentions start to wane, why not try a one-to-one session to give you back your focus? 

Here are 4 reasons to book a bespoke training session:

Motivation: When you train alone or in big group classes, it can be very easy to make up an excuse for missing a session. With a set one-to-one appointment, it's a lot harder to hit snooze and turn back over in bed! Our teachers will believe in you even when you're at your lowest and will offer that continued support to ensure you are constantly reaching personalised milestones to keep you motivated.

A New Perspective: It can be easy to become overwhelmed by the huge amount of health and nutrition information available. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest science and techniques and can offer tips and tricks to help you improve your mind and body. Plus, seeing one specific teacher on a regular basis helps them better recognise particular issues you may be having and help you overcome them.

Proper Technique: Without proper guidance, it can be very easy to injure yourself when starting a new sport or training programme. Having a personal trainer means they will pay attention to both your mind and body, helping you to develop better form, improve your posture and isolate and use the right muscles for the job to prevent injury and increase progress.

Results: It's infinitely easier to achieve results with a trainer than it is to do it on your own. With the latest industry knowledge our teachers will look after your mind and body, make sure you achieve maximum results in minimum time and will help you recognise little goals and achievements along the way that you may not have even noticed.

Allow yourself to invest in your own health and well-being. It's time to look good and feel good!

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Whether you're looking to transform your body for a special event, relieve stress and improve mental resilience, improve your fitness for a challenge that lies ahead, lose fat, get your body back after pregnancy or injury, learn better technique or master a pose, our teachers provide the expertise to help you reach your goal.

Good Vibes Founder Nahid offers bespoke one-to-one restorative yoga sessions - she will design a session just for you with a bespoke yoga nidra (guided meditation) and personal sankalpa (intention setting) to end the session. Using lots of props to gently open and release, the session will allow you to breathe into tight or blocked areas of the body and mind. This is good for those who suffer from chronic stress, anxiety or insomnia.  £195 for 1.5hrs, held at off peak times at the Covent Garden studio. Book in. 

We also offer 60 minute bespoke Glow Yoga or Pilates one to ones where we can look at your practice and goals and provide hands-on adjustments. These sessions are designed to help you understand how to adjust the poses for your body and will encourage ease of movement within your practice. One to ones are great for all who are looking for a deeper and personalised experience and have specific goals in mind. £75 for 60 mins available at off peak times. Book in.

Eszter specialises in Power Plate fitness training and is dedicated to making sure everyone gets the best out of themselves on every level. Your session will start with a detailed body analysis, including measurements of body fat, metabolic age and muscle mass and diet. Eszter will then design a plan just for you to get you to your specific goals. After 6 weeks you'll be measured again and prepare to be amazed at the results! £35 per 30 minute session, available at off peak timesBook in

You don’t have to compete to be an athlete, you just have to train like one. In a one-to-one cycling session with Nadine you will learn proper indoor cycling techniques that will improve strength and endurance, increase fitness, and ultimately increase weight loss. Whatever your goal is, our personalised indoor cycling coaching and programs with Nadine can help get you there quicker.Choose from our personalised programs 60 mins for £75, available at off peak timesBook in.


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Coming up...

We are super excited to welcome experienced restorative teacher Adelene Cheong to our studios, she will be teaching Meditation and Breathe on Fridaymornings at 8.45am for 45 mins followed by Yoga for Backcare are 9.35am for one hour.

March also sees the start of our new Saturday yoga class with new teacher Alice at 3.45pm - 4.45pm getting you ready for your Saturday night.

If you haven't yet tried Qi gong it's on at 5pm and is a great stress releasing end to Mondays.

Stephen Braybrook, the Movement Man is offering an additional day of free 15 min taster sessions on Tuesday 15th March, but hurry these are being snapped up fast.

As ever, keep sending in your feedback. and we look forward to seeing you in class.

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Nahid and the Good Vibes Team x

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16 February 2016

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