Be your own Valentine

Whether attached or single this Valentine's day, why hold out for someone else to make your day with a Hollywood Rom Com moment?

It's time to join the self-love revolution!

Here are a few simple steps to get you started, take up one or two of these easy actions this month and notice how you start to love the body you're in:

Self compassion: We're often so quick to view our own actions negatively, to beat ourselves up about small things we said or did, or to be hard on ourselves if we think we failed at something. Take a moment to think about what you say to yourself at these times - if someone else said those things to you, you probably wouldn't put up with it, or them, for very long - so have the courage and patience to start cultivating a loving relationship with your own body and mind.

Just breathe: When everything gets too much, allow yourself 5 minutes to take a seat and just be with yourself. It can be challenging in the beginning, but allow yourself the time to take in some fresh air and to bring yourself back to calm and ease with no judgement or agenda.  

Be selfish: Don't give all your love away to others. This may sound impossible sometimes, with family pulling you one way and work in the other. Schedule in a little time to yourself to do something you love. It could be time to read a book, a restorative yoga class or a night out dancing with friends. Whatever it is, make sure you carve out some time on a regular basis.

Learn to say no: As much as we should say yes to what we want in life, we also need to have the courage to say no to that which does not serve us. Try to say no to one thing that doesn't feel good to you every day, be it negative self talk, another comfort biscuit or an additional responsibility you've been asked to take on.

Let your beautiful freak flag fly: Full on. Do it. Deep down we all know what our best qualities are, but we often hide them for fear of judgement, failure or rejection. Stop being so afraid of your own power, let your light shine in whichever way feels good for you and commit to sharing your own unique personality with those around you. Remember, it's cool to be different!

Commit to your health: Respect your body by looking after it physically and mentally. Take the time to prepare yourself nourishing meals that will fuel your body. Drink more water. Allow yourself the opportunity for rest by going to bed early or occasionally taking the night off. Treat your tight shoulders to that massage or book the yoga workshop or retreat you've been secretly thinking about. Creating ease in your body will in turn give you a more positive and confident outlook.

We look forward to seeing you in class and as ever, keep sending in your feedback!

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Love your body, love yourself!

Interested in restorative yoga but find it hard to slow down on the mat? Ease yourself in with our Yang & Yin class, a strong and sweaty dynamic flow followed by Yin yoga sequence of held poses that will allow your body to open and release. Try James' class Wednesday evenings 7.15pm in Covent Garden or Cheryl's on Monday evenings 7.15pm at the Fitzrovia studio.Book in.

Our Happy Body Workshop is back and offers a 360 approach to fitness, refocusing the mind while rejuvenating the body. The workshop kicks off with Antonia who will lead you through a series of dance and Pilates conditioning exercises, designed to give you maximum results in minimum time, followed by two hours of restorative yoga and Yoga Nidra with Nahid.Saturday 12th March, 1.30pm - 5.30pmFitzroviaBook in. 

Nahid also offers bespoke one-to-one therapeutic restorative yoga sessions - she will design a class just for you with a bespoke yoga nidra (guided meditation) and personal san kalpa (intention setting) to end the session. Using lots of props to gently open and release, the session will allow you to breathe into tight or blocked areas of the body and mind. £195 for 1.5hrs, held at off peak times at the Covent Garden studio. Book in. 

If you're all about the chill, our Bliss classes are the place to be. Lit by candlelight and gently heated by infrared, our Glow Yoga Bliss classes have been designed to encourage the body to open and release safely through the use of props, breathing and mindful movement. Join Florentina at the Fitzrovia studio, Thursday evenings 7.15pm or Ruth on Friday evenings 6pm in Covent GardenBook in.

If you haven't tried it already, Book into the new Qi Gong class with Marilyn on Mondays at 5pm in Covent Garden. A powerful system of healing and energy medicine, you will leave feeling tranquil and calm. This class is not heated so suitable for pregnancy. Book in.

We've found that everything works again if you just unplug it for a bit, including you! Join Ling for a Restorative yoga immersion with therapeutic sound massage where she will combine her extensive trainings in yoga and knowledge in various holistic therapies with the healing art of restorative yoga and the deep resonance emitted from carefully hand crafted Himalayan singing bowls. Sunday 24th April, 5-7pmCovent GardenBook in

Ling also offers Thai Yoga Massage on Fridays at our Covent Garden studio. A blend of yoga, acupressure, reflexology, meditation and Ayurveda, it will release energy blockages and facilitate healing. £180 for 90minsBook in.

The Good Vibes Yoga Holiday is fast approaching! Transform your physical and mental wellbeing with a week of yoga at Itha108, a Greek island retreat set in a place of outstanding natural beauty with Good Vibes founder Nahid and Ruth, founding Glow Yoga and Pilates teacher. Twice daily yoga classes, luxury accommodation and freshly grown organic vegetarian food will ensure you return to your daily life physically and mentally enriched. 18th to 25th June, £995 per person sharingBook in.

And lastly, don't forget to spread the #GoodVibes with friends and loved ones this Valentine's day, as we're offering a free class to all new clients between Thursday 11th and Sunday 14th February. All they have to do is send us their details and which class they'd like to book and we'll do the rest! Book in.

Members, call 020 7240 6111 for 20% off workshops. Not yet a member?Join us today!

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9 February 2016

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