The benefits of stretching

While the benefits of daily exercise are well known, the benefits of regular stretching on your muscles and fascia (connective tissue) are far less emphasised but just as numerous and equally as important to your health, mind and body. Like most mammals, we stretch and yawn instinctively when we first wake up to loosen and realign the muscles and prepare them for movement, but there are many additional advantages that come from adding a bit more stretch to your day:

Increased flexibility and range of motion - Regular stretching increases your flexibility and produces synovial fluid to lubricate the joints, keeping them healthy and helping to improve simple daily tasks such as tying your shoe laces or reaching that top shelf.

Be calm - A build up of stress causes your muscles to contract, becoming tense. Taking time for some deep breathing and to stretch out your muscles not only releases that tension but calms the part of your brain responsible for stress and anxiety

More energy - Moving away from your desk and practising a few simple stretches for at least a few minutes every hour increases blood flow and nourishes your muscles, helping to improve your concentration and lessen fatigue.

Injury prevention - When muscular tissues are well flexed, they will be able to handle more rigorous activities and actions with less chance of damage. It may also help speed your recovery from strenuous exercise and lesson soreness in the muscles by increasing nutrient flow.

Better sleep - Stretching key areas of the body that hold tension, like the shoulders, neck and chest, before bed and when you first wake up, help to relax and release the body for slumber, not only ensuring you get to sleep, but making sure you stay there for the night!

So do remember to get up from your desk for a big long s-t-r-e-t-c-h and try a few of these classes:

Adding a Glow Yoga or Pilates class to your day in our FAR infra-red heated studios is the perfect way to counteract the compacting of your muscles from intense exercise, safely allowing your body to open and release, with the bonus of SAD lighting to improve your mood!

Recharge your batteries and allow your body to release and open with the help of props in Florentina's on Thursday evenings, 7.15pm, Fitzrovia, Ruth on Fridays at 6pm or Cheryl's Bliss Restorative classSundays 3.15pm, both at Covent Garden. Book in.

Build up a sweat in a challenging but nurturing Vinyasa Flow class. Try Hailey's class on Sundays at 2pm in Covent Garden or get your day started the right way with Jess, Fridays, 7.30am at the Fitzrovia studioBook in.

Enjoy a mix of cardio and stretching in our signature Glow Ballet Tone classes, why not try Antonia's challenging and strengthening class, Tuedays at 5pm in Covent Garden, or sweat with Lindsay in Fitzrovia, 7.15pm on WednesdaysBook in.

Work your muscles from deep inside in our popular Pilates classes. Join Jazzi on Friday 5pm or Amanda on Saturdays 2.30pm both at Covent Garden .Book in.

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Start your Monday morning off the right way with Antonia's new Glow Ballet Tone class, 7.30am at our Fitzrovia studio from the 1st February. Book in

If you haven't tried it already, Book into the new Qi Gong class with Marilyn on Mondays at 5pm in Covent Garden. A powerful system of healing and energy medicine from China, you will leave feeling tranquil and calm. This class is not heated so suitable for pregnancy. Book in.

Cheryl takes over Monday night Yang & Yin yoga in Fitzrovia from the 1st February, 7.15pm. A strong and sweaty flow followed by Yoga Nidra to give you a full mind and body workout. Book in.

New to Pilates or looking to take your practice a little deeper? Book into our Beginners Pilates workshop with Jazzi on Saturday 6th February, 1.30pm to help improve your posture and create a long lean silhouette. Book in.

Our popular Happy Body Workshop is back! 2 hours of dance and conditioning exercises with Antonia, designed to get maximum results in minimum time, followed by 2 hours of delicious restorative yoga and bespoke Yoga Nidra with Nahid. This one is not to be missed, Sunday 12th March, 1.30pm.  Book in.

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25 January 2016

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