Cosmetic Acupuncture with Sam Ma


Do you ever wonder how celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston get their glowing, smooth, impossibly perfect complexions and keep themselves looking so youthful?

It is the newest anti-ageing weapon, Cosmetic acupuncture!

Cosmetic acupuncture is the safest therapy able to give you the desirable result naturally without injecting poison such as fillers and Botox into the face. This therapy applies the principle "nourishing the internal to benefit external - better body better face" and that is why there has been an increasing demand for this treatment in recent years.

Acupuncture is a form of ancient Chinese medicine with a 2,000 year history, which uses fine needles inserted into various parts of the body to regulate energy flow,  improve blood flow and stimulate cell regeneration. Traditionally, it is used for pain management, IBS, migraines and gynaecological problems. Its aim is re-balancing the energy of the whole body.

Cosmetic acupuncture in particular can help to reduce wrinkles, lift sagging skin and improve skin colour, texture and reduce acne.

The treatment will leave you feeling pleasantly calm and relaxed afterwards, typically followed by an increase in energy the day after as with the whole body condition improves.

So, why not reward yourself with this wonderful therapy to regain your beauty with long lasting effect, leaving all those chemicals in make-up behind.

Sam Ma offers Cosmetic Acupuncture and cupping treatments at our Covent Garden studio on Tuesdays and currently has 50% discount off all first appointments. To book, please call the studio on 020 7240 611 or email [email protected]

18 November 2014