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Exciting news! We are getting RPM consoles in the cycle studio! What does that even mean?

RPM consoles are a great way to monitor your fitness. Cyclists know more than anyone the importance of efficiency. Their goal is to ride in a way that translates every bit of energy into power and speed.

So rather than spinning out of control in class, it is time to pay attention to your cadence, this is the speed at which you pedal. It's measured in RPM or revolutions per minute. This means that one full cycle of the pedal every second translates as a 60 rpm. Simple, no?

Now there is no guessing how much resistance to put on, if you can keep to the RPM as you turn up the dial, you are on the money.

Why you should? Good Vibes Cycling increases calorie burn as well as raising the metabolic rate, which can all help to lose the fat. It lowers your resting heart rate, a high resting heart rate has been linked to cardiovascular disease. It hugely benefits your cardiovascular health. It trains your respiratory muscles as well as improving muscle strength, improving mobility and co-ordination.

You'll look great in short shorts and you'll feel AMAZING afterwards!

Ready to get fitter? Join us in the cycle studio this week:

Don’t miss Rhia’s Beginner 35 min Cycle class on Tuesday 2nd June at 5.45pm, it’s on the first Tuesday of every month. Book in.

Nadine will take you through the RPM consoles at her new class on Saturday 11.15am. Book in.

Don't forget our Summer sale is ON,  24 pack for £225 (instead of £250 – that’s £25 off!).

You have 3 months to use them, but we challenge you to get through them in one month. Do tweet to let us know how you FEEL after that!

BUY NOW using promo code 24sale - sale ends on 31st May, and its one per person.

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Beginners & Improvers Yoga workshop - Backbends and Twists on Saturday 6th June at 1.30pmbook in. 

Why you should?: Founder, Nahid de Belgeonne looks at twists and back bends and how to find space and ease in a full range of poses made accessible by mindful movement.

Endurance Ride 90 mins with Nadine on Saturday 13th June – 1.30pm – 3pm Fitzrovia

Why you should?: Muscular Endurance training is a muscle-strengthening activity that increases the ability to perform aerobic cardiovascular exercise for an extended time. Challenge yourself mentally and physically. - Book now

Boxing Bootcamp 90 minutes with Rhia on Saturday 20th June 3pm – 5pm £25  Covent Garden

Why you should?: The ultimate way to build a lean and sculpted silhouette - Book now

Instagram Yoga with Sarah C on Saturday 27th June 3pm – 5pm  £25 Covent Garden

Why you should?: Because we can give  you tips and techniques of how to get into those great show off poses mindfully AND you’ll appear in our Instagram channel  - Book now

Friday Night Summer Yoga Party with Clare on Friday 3rd July 7.15pm – 9.15pm Covent Garden

Why you should?: Because yoga, good tunes and like-minded people is a good way to end the week. Book now.

Ballet and Pilates Sculpt with Antonia on Saturday 25th July – 3pm – 5pm Covent Garden

Why you should?: Because this killer combo of ballet and Pilates will kick your butt into shape! Book now.

They are offering one lucky Good Vibes client a one day juice cleanse ( worth £65). To enter the free prize draw please send your details here by the 30th May 2015.

Members get 20% off Good Vibes workshops, not yet a member? Join us today!


If you missed last week's pop up join us on Wednesday 27th May for the Primavera Fashion fitness clothing pop up at the Covent Garden 5pm to 8pm.

Set up by a British born dance and yoga enthusiast of Brazilian heritage. The Primavera range is innovative, fresh with splashes of vibrant colours, transporting you to the tropical continent.

Our friends Lab Organic have reinvented their Juice Cleanses and with it they are launching their “Wellness Concierge”  a new feature providing daily health tips and additional support to  guide you through every step of the Cleanse.

We have a few teachers changes, look out for James Cassidy who is covering here and there and also takes over the Friday night Yang and Yin at Fitzrovia.

Jazzi, Lauren and Amanda are great new additions to our Glow Pilates team.

You HAVE to try a Glow Ballet Tone class with Grace this week, she's upped her game! Book in here.

They are offering one lucky Good Vibes client a one day juice cleanse ( worth £65). To enter the free prize draw please send your details here by the 30th May 2015.

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25 May 2015