Anatomy & Fascia in Yoga Practice, an Exploration of the Fascial Body with Gary Carter

'Encouraging ease and efficiency in movement for yoga practice and everyday life'

The basis of Gary Carter’s Myofascial Anatomy and movement for Yoga teachers short courses and workshops is to create a deeper knowledge of our structural interelationships and balances. How we connect up in movements, to understand this through the felt sense and our relationship and balance to gravity.

Vanda Scaravelli had mentioned ‘going with the body and not against it’. Here we gain a deep knowledge of what this really means.

These sessions are not about any one persons way, style or system…it is the bodies way!

Gary breaks apart ideas of anatomy and movement turning it on its head to explore it in a totally different way, making common sense of it which can confirm a lot af questions for people.

We learn that shape means everything in relation to practice. Unravelling the truth, so far, about the understanding of Fascia in motion along with new understandings of fascias role in gravity.

At the end of this Body Journey, a truly ‘Somanautic’ experience, the students learn new ways to see the body

in movement along with a deeper personal experience of movement and practice helped by a lot of practical

home/self practices.

Gary Carter 2016 Wednesday sessions at Good Vibes 14 – 16 Betterton Street, London WC2H 9BU held at 2pm – 5pm £30 each on these dates, please book directly via [email protected]

Wed 20th January - Understanding Gravity and shape in practice

Wed 23rd March – The Tensional network in our Yoga and movement

Wed 18th May – Breath movement and the Spine

Wed 20th July – The Foot and deep Pelvis in practice

Wed 21st September – Intelligence in the Tissues, finding pathways

Wed 16th November  – Going Deeper

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31 December 2015

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