5 tips for better sleep

Did you know that in a 24 hour period we spend on average of 8 hrs and 21 mins sleeping and 8 hours and 41 minutes engaged in social media. If you are feeling wired and tired and  find it hard to relax at night time, try these 5 tips for better sleep:

Write  down the top 3 things on your mind that you need to attend to tomorrow, now pop this in your bag and leave it to the morning.

Start to wind down 1 hour before bedtime, switch off the TV, all of your electronic devices. The blue light from your screen triggers the same response in the body as if it were daylight and you want to allow your mind to let go.

Melatonin, the sleep hormone starts to release at around 9pm - 10pm making this your regular bed time is a good habit to foster.

Take a warm bath with epsom salts to improve heart and circulatory health, release muscle pain and inflammation and improve your nerve function.

Use an eye pillow on your eyes to help you get to sleep, a little pressure on the eyes activates the ocular cardiac reflex which in turn lowers blood pressure.

Still can't get to sleep? Try this Yoga Nidra ( a guided meditation) for better sleep.

Happy sleeping!


Good Vibes Director & Founder




25 November 2015