4 weeks to get festive FIT

You have 4 weeks to get fighting fit for the festive season. If you have started to slakc off or have hit a fitness plateau, now is the time to pick up the pace. 

Changes in your routine will take your body by surprise and force it to adapt, bringing you to new levels of fitness.

To push you through the next few weeks, change your classes, change up your intensity every day. Decide which days will be a maintenance or a high intensity day and which day you will rest.

Don’t forget to add in a restorative class a week to help bring your body and mind back to balance.

Here are our favourite classes to push your fitness up a notch:

1. NEW Cycle HIIT Bootcamp Wednesday 6.30pm – 45 mins

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)  is an enhanced form of training alternating short periods of intense anaerobic effort with less-intense recovery periods.But it's following the workout that the real magic happens!

The Afterburn is an informal name for Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). In response to high intensity exercise EPOC is accompanied by an elevated consumption of fuel. Adipose Tissue (Body Fat) breaks down and free fatty acids are released into the blood stream fuelling the body’s increased metabolism.

Scientific trials show that the EPOC effect can continue for 48 hours following a HIIT session increasing the bodies capacity to burn fat by 36%.   

Just one session per week can boost your endurance and your overall health improving blood pressure and increasing mitochondria which strengthen the heart and helps fuel your body and brain.  This improved endurance will further enhance your moderate intensity workouts.

Real Training. Real Cycling. Real Results. Book in!

2. HIIT training combined with Power Plates and you have one powerful fat burning class.

This class combines resistance and cardio exercises on the Power Plate. You will be glad when the class is over and ecstatic at the 300 calorie burn per class including the afterburn.

3. Glow Ballet Tone, our signature Ballet and Pilates conditioning class. A high energy conditioning class uses weight bearing exercise, dancers conditioning technique, and strength training. Through the interval cardio training the metabolic rate is elevated to produce a long, lean and toned physique.

Make sure that you are getting enough sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep for your body will allow time for your muscles to recover. This means that you come to class with the right energy to be fully engaged, you’ll get much better results that way.

4. Download the NEW Yoga nidra for Better Sleep MP3 (14 mins) and use at bedtime. Buy it here.

The HIIT classes are not for beginners so do ease your way in first with regular classes, good form is key!

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Coming up...

We are holding a few themed cycle classes to keep you on it. Louise is playing power ballads in her cycle class on Thursday at 6.30pm and in honour of Movember, Luis has grown a 'tache and will be playing Freddie Mercury hits on Friday 27th at 6pm. See you there!

Did you know we offer off peak classes? A great way to avoid the rush, especially if you freelance.

Tuesday 5pm & Thursday 8.45am Ballet Tone, book in

Friday 5pm Pilates, book in.

Book into the Calm before Christmas, give yourself a little TLC with this deeply restorative yoga workshop with me to open up your heart and mind. This is a good time to reflect on the year just gone and to set good intentions for the year ahead. With pranayama and a series of yoga nidras, this workshop will allow you to take time to out before you head off for Christmas celebrations.

Book in here. Members get 20% off workshops,  just book at the desk or over the phone, not yet a member? Join us today!

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Dance Conditioning Workshop, Saturday 28th November

Saturday 28th November 2015 - 1.30pm - 3.30pm

And if you haven't yet, book into Antonia's Dance Conditioning workshop.

Get ready for the party season with a high energy dance conditioning workshop with Antonia who brings her dance experience to the Glow studio. Pack your mat away and get ready to work hard and enjoy some fluid movement.

This workshop will teach you short but simple dance steps and routines that will help you improve your balance and coordination. It will help you sculpt and improve the appearance of your body by elongating and toning the muscles, creating a  healthy and elegant posture, increasing strength and fitness as well as body awareness and flexibility.

Be prepared to run, jump and turn to the rhythm as well as have fun! This 2 hour Bootcamp is inspired by ballet and contemporary dance principals as well as Pilates exercises. Antonia welcomes individuals of all levels of experience and physical fitness.  

Held at the Fitzrovia Studio

Book in here. Members get 20% off workshops,  just book at the desk or over the phone, not yet a member? Join us today!

See you in class! 

Nahid and the #GoodVibes team x

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24 November 2015

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