Find calm in the chaos

When the world is in chaos, shine even more brightly!

How do you keep your mood buoyant when there is so much suffering and chaos in the world? While yoga won't immediately solve the world's problems, it will help you to cultivate a little resilience as part of your emotional tool kit.

Most people usually come to yoga because they are looking for change. Good Vibes is a great place to start your journey. Book into the Foundation class for beginners and improvers on  at each studio. Our teachers are kind, knowledgeable and care that you get it. Not only will you cultivate a calmer mind but you'll enjoy a more open and fluid body too.

We also offer quieter practices to complement your active classes, a great opportunity to disconnect from the frenetic pace of life and allow you to recalibrate and restore. 

Glow Yoga Bliss restorative classes will gently drop into a state of bliss with poses supported by props so that you can safely let go of pent up physical stresses and chattering minds. Glow Bliss restorative classes are on Thursday 7.15pm, Friday 6pm and Sunday 3.15pm. Book in.

Or if you want to go even deeper, book into the last restorative workshop of the year, the Calm before Christmas on Sunday 13th December, 2 hours of sweetly letting go with supported poses, pranayama and yoga nidra. Starts at 5pm with me. 

Book in here. Members get 20% off workshops,  just book at the desk or over the phone, not yet a member? Join us today!

If you need to unwind when you are on the go, download this Yoga nidra for Calm mp3 (14 mins) £5 and use it wherever you can lie down and close your eyes. Buy it here. 

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Coming up...

Sadly Alis is going back to Scotland, do book in to her classes while she is here.

Paula will take over Monday morning at the end of the month and Saturdays next year, she teaches a mindful flow. 

NEW teacher Cheryl will take over Tuesday Foundation next week,  you can also join her on Saturdays this year while she covers. 

You all know Hailey, she will take over Sunday vinyasa and experienced restorative teacher Ling takes over the Sunday restorative for the year.

We are super excited about the NEW HIIT Cycling Bootcamp with Nadine as a regular Wednesday feature, who is it for? Everyone! But especially if you have hit your fitness plateau and are looking to get even fitter, this class will give you BIG changes! it starts next week.

Try the NEW Thursday morning Glow Ballet Tone at 8.45am with brilliant new teacher Hannah, who will also take over the Body conditioning in December.

Antonia takes over Saturday mornings at Fitzrovia in December.

Rhia is leaving us after 5 years, she is off to work in Calais with refugees, what a girl!  Please do book into her classes before she is off in early December.

And if you haven't, book into Antonia's Dance Conditioning workshop on the28th November, it will be super fun and will gear you up for the parties ahead!

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Budokon Yoga Workshop Saturday 21st November

Don't miss out on the Budokon workshop, a fusion of yoga, martial arts and meditation. Budokon is a mind and body art form which explores the physical, emotional and spiritual body through movement. You will explore the evolutionary potential of Power and Vinyasa Flow yoga by integrating martial arts techniques, innovative sequences, and core-strengthening transitions into your practice.

You will master signature techniques of Budokon, such as rolling wave, rolling vinyasa, dancing dog, water wheel, coiling dragon and more!

The yoga-martial fusion segment will follow with a brief trip into the jungle where we will play with some animal movement patterns, followed by a chilled-out cool down and a sumptuous savasana.

Warriors of all levels welcome, no previous experience necessary!

Director of Budokon UK, Ryan Calderon-Miah began his training at the age of seven in the Martial arts, studying various forms throughout the years, he became intrigued by the similarities and connection with yoga and in his early 20’s pursued further knowledge. 

A truly unique passion for his work is felt, his classes are rooting and playful, yet athletic and challenging, with sweat and smiles in abundance.

Held at the Covent Garden Studio

15.00 - 17.30

Members get 20 % off this workshop, please book at the desk.

See you in class!

Nahid and the #GoodVibes team x

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*subject to availability

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17 November 2015

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