Unleash the POWER of the Plate

There are 8 Saturdays left to Christmas, and if you want to be fighting fit for the festive fun, step onto a Power Plate. Power Plates work by transferring vibrations throughout the whole body, which cause the muscles to contract and lengthen multiple times per second.

This intensifies the exercise, making it an ideal way to shape up fast. Power Plates are also known as the ultimate fat burning machine; studies show that adding Power Plates training to a high intensity resistance training can reduce the percentage of body fat, improving body composition as a whole.

3 reasons you should step up to the Power Plates:

Burns extra fat

Whole-body vibration training has been shown to decrease visceral fat, which is stored deep in the abdomen around organs. Individuals who used a Power Plate during a fat-loss program lost 10 percent of their body weight and maintained their weight loss after 12 months. Also, the Power Plate has been shown to reduce cellulite.

Builds lean muscle mass

Performing Squats on a Power Plate increases strength like squatting on stable ground. But using the Power Plate produces an increase in lean muscle mass, possibly because of the muscles' increased time under tension when they work against the vibration.

Increases joint stability

In patients recovering from ACL surgery, the Power Plate was 22 times more effective at improving knee stability compared to conventional rehab exercises. This makes it a powerful rehab tool, helping to speed up the recovery process.

Good Vibes were the first independent Power Plate studio in the UK and we are still going strong, because it works!

If you want to try it, click here for 50% off your first Power Plate class.

Coming Up...

Sarah H takes over the Monday lunchtime class at Fitzrovia, her class will leave you feeling more grounded and energised from the inside out. Book in.

Join Daniella for intelligently sequenced vinyasa flow with optimal alignment and breath, Monday 6.15pm in Covent Garden. With over 7 years experience, she will help you feel lightness, spaciousness and contentment in your body. Book in.

Alis takes over our 6pm Foundation class in Covent Garden on Tuesdays. For beginners and improvers, Alis will help you incorporate play into your practice while working on alignment and breath. Book in.

Expect a strong sweaty flow from Chris who teaches the 75min Vinyasa Flow class in Covent Garden on Tuesday evenings at 7.15pm. His precise instruction and constant drive will help you push forward and explore the limits of your practice.Book in.

You'll have a few chances to catch James C who is back at both studios. Join him for a 12.45pm lunchtime flow on Tuesdays in Covent Garden or Wednesdays atFitzrovia, or allow your mind and body to realign in the 75min Yang & Yin class,7.15pm on Wednesdays in Covent Garden, a brilliant midweek mood booster! Book in.

Book in with Alexsei on Saturdays if you want your Jivamukti fix.

Teaching for over 10 years, Alan will encourage you to move freely, deeply and mindfully. Join him for an early morning flow, 7.30am, Fridays in Covent Garden.Book in.

Our Fitzrovia Pilates class with Sjaan on Saturdays will start at the new time of10.15am, followed by Jivamukti Yoga with Aleksei at 11.30amBook in.

Glow Yoga Bliss Restorative Yoga workshop: The Letting Go.

Saturday 7th November 3pm - 5pm £25

As the cycle of the year turns and the days become shorter and our energy levels may begin to dip, take a little time out to nourish yourself with a deeply rejuvenating workshop this Autumn. 

This workshop will consist of mindful movement, soothing restorative yoga (where poses are held and props are used to support the body) plus pranayama and mudras that promote equilibrium in the nervous system. Our practice will cumulate in a blissful guided savasana.

Ruth McNeil teaches the ever popular Friday night Bliss class at Good Vibes and she is keen to share the incredible benefits this nurturing practice with you. Book here.

Budokon UK Director, Ryan CM is teaching a Budokon workshop, The Way of the Spiritual Warrior on Saturday 21st November 3pm – 5.30pm. Join us for a fusion of yoga, martial arts and meditation. Budokon is a mind and body art form which explores the physical, emotional and spiritual body through movement. You will explore the evolutionary potential of Power and Vinyasa Flow yoga by integrating martial arts techniques, innovative sequences, and core-strengthening transitions into your practice.

The workshop is £30 but you can book now using  the promo code OMYOGA to get £5 off! The code expires on the 28th October, so get booking! Good Vibes members can get £5 off this workshop right up to the start date.

Dance Conditioning Bootcamp on Saturday 28th November,  get ready for the party season with a high energy dance conditioning workshop with Antonia who brings her dance experience to the Glow studio. Pack your mat away and get ready to work hard and enjoy some fluid movement.This workshop will teach you short but simple dance steps and routines that will help you improve your balance and coordination.

Be prepared to run, jump and turn to the rhythm as well as have fun!

Antonia welcomes individuals of all levels of experience and physical fitness. Book here.

Members get 20% off Good Vibes workshops, not yet a member? Join us today! You'll enjoy classes for under £8 a class if you come 3 times a week.

You can bring a friend to class for 50% off if they are new to us. Just send us their details and we will do the rest.

And if you are looking to get even deeper, our bookings have opened up for theGood Vibes yoga Holiday in Greece 2016. Early bird prices if you book before January 31st 2016, rooms allocated on a first come, first served basis, so hurry! More details here.

See you in class!

Nahid and the #GoodVibes team x

*subject to availability.




3 November 2015

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