Budokon Workshop, The Way of the Spiritual Warrior with Master Trainer Ryan Calderon-Miah

   Saturday 21st November 2015 3pm– 5.30pm £30

Join us for a fusion of yoga, martial arts and meditation. Budokon is a mind and body art form which explores the physical, emotional and spiritual body through movement. You will explore the evolutionary potential of Power and Vinyasa Flow yoga by integrating martial arts techniques, innovative sequences, and core-strengthening transitions into your practice.

You will master signature techniques of Budokon, such as rolling wave, rolling vinyasa, dancing dog, water wheel, coiling dragon and more!

The yoga-martial fusion segment will follow with a brief trip into the jungle where we will play with some animal movement patterns, followed by a chilled-out cool down and a sumptuous savasana.

Warriors of all levels welcome, no previous experience necessary!

Director of Budokon UK, Ryan began his training at the age of seven in the Martial arts, studying various forms throughout the years, he became intrigued by the similarities and connection with yoga and in his early 20’s pursued further knowledge. A truly unique passion for his work is felt, his classes are rooting and playful, yet athletic and challenging, with sweat and smiles in abundance.

Held at the Covent Garden Studio

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23 October 2015

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