The clocks go back

It’s that time of year again when the clocks go back and the mornings get lighter and the evenings darker.

The time changes happens on 25th October at 2am so it’s an extra hour in bed. Don't forget to reset your alarm clock to make sure that you don't miss your Sunday classes.

Why do we need to turn the clocks back? Introduced as an idea in 1907 by William Willet to prevent people from wasting hours of light during the mornings so that they would get up and crack on with their day.He died before the he saw a variation of his idea adopted by the Germans in 1916 followed by Britain a month later.

But don’t use Winter as an excuse to quit your classes as exercise is known to keep your mood buoyant throughout the darker months.

A daily workout releases feel-good brain chemicals, serotonin and dopamine and gives you a break from the daily slog as well as helping to reduce anxiety and depression while boosting your sense of well being.

Regular exercise strengthens your immune system so it can fight off bacterial and viral infections fending off colds and flu.

When you exercise and get your blood pumping, immune cells circulate through your body more quickly helping them seek and destroy infections. Exercise needs to be regular for long-term effects. And the delicious FAR infrared heated studios raises your body temperature which gives a soothing and calming effect on your body.

Even more reason to book your classes early in the week and stick to them, as ever consistency is key!

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STOP PRESS if you want to carry a little calm with you at all times, I have recorded a 14 minute yoga nidra for calm that you can carry on your phone.Buy it here for £5.

Rhia starts the Body Conditioning class on Thursday 7.15pm, expect to work hard! Book in.

Paula is back for her regular Tuesday 6.15pm class. Book in.

Rikke takes over the Fridays nights on the 6th November, the 75 minutes of vinyasa flow, Book in.

From the beginning of November, Saturday Pilates  at the Fitzrovia studio will be starting at the new time of 10.15am and Jivamukti Yoga will start at 11.30amBook in 

We are getting glowing reviews for Florentina's Thursday evening Foundation Yoga for Beginners and Improvers  6pm and delicious restorative Bliss class at7.15pm, do book in.  

Navigate the change in season with the Restorative Yoga Bliss, the letting go workshop with Ruth, on Saturday 7th November 3pm – 5pm - book in.

Members get 20% off Good Vibes workshops, not yet a member? Join us today! You'll enjoy classes for under £8 a class if you come 3 times a week.

You can bring a friend to class for 50% off if they are new to us. Just send us their details and we will do the rest.

If your friend goes on to buy a 12 pack, we will give you  a Birchbox full of goodies as a thank you.

See you in class!

Nahid and the #GoodVibes team x

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20 October 2015

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