Restorative Yoga Bliss - The Letting Go £25

As the cycle of the year turns and the days become shorter and our energy levels may begin to dip, take a little time out to nourish yourself with a deeply rejuvenating workshop this Autumn. We will focus on creating optimal conditions to release holding patterns in the mind, body and breath and look to connect with the universal reservoir of prana (energy) so that when we encounter stressful situations we are are in a better place to deal with them peacefully. 

This workshop will consist of mindful movement, soothing restorative yoga (where poses are held and props are used to support the body) plus pranayama and mudras that promote equilibrium in the nervous system. Our practice will cumulate in a blissful guided savasana.

Ruth McNeil teaches the ever popular Friday night Bliss class at Good Vibes and she is keen to share the incredible benefits this nurturing practice with you. Ruth is a long time yoga practitioner, an experienced BWY accredited teacher and has completed a restorative and yin yoga intensive with Simon Low.

Held at the Covent Garden Studio

Saturday 7th November 2015

15.00 - 17.00

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17 September 2015

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