Boxing Cardio Workshop £25

Boxing Cardio Workshop £25

Saturday 5th September 15:00 - 16:30

Using a combination of shadow boxing, pad work and body weight exercises, fitness boxing not only works the entire body but also improves cardio fitness, muscular strength and endurance and co-ordination. It's suitable for all abilities and it’s a lot of fun! Whether you want to lose weight, add an extra level of challenge to your fitness regime or just let go of some stress, boxing for fitness is a great way to let it all out. The ultimate way to build a lean and sculpted silhouette.

Teacher, Rhia, has been an active professional wrestler for 5 years. She honed her skills with the top British names and has wrestled all across Europe as well as the USA and Canada. In this time she has won many titles including currently holding the Pro Wrestling EVE title, the most prestigious belt in European Women’s pro wrestling.

Not only was wrestling a gateway to fitness for Rhia but also improved her confidence and made her realise it's not just about being physically strong, you have to be mentally strong too!

Held at the Covent Garden studio

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2 September 2015

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