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Have you added a Glow Pilates class to your week? No? Here's why you should!

Learn to move efficiently. You train several muscle group at the same time in smooth and continuous movements. The body loves to move in an integrated way, Pilates retrains your body to move more efficiently in your daily activities.

Enjoy a new challenge. Moving from your inner body is more challenging than moving from your outer body and momentum. The more you practice, the more you can increase the intensity and the more your conditioning improves. This new found inner strength will reap dividends in your other classes.

Develop inner strength. Pilates exercises develop a strong "core," or center of the body. The “core” includes all muscles and connections from your feet right up through to your soft palate and up through the crown of the head. And includes pelvic floor, abdominal muscles, all the muscles and all connections attached to the spine. When we move from this activation our movements become more fluid and graceful.

Build long and lean muscles. Pilates lengthens and strengthens, at the same time and improves your muscle and connective tissue elasticity and joint mobility.

Evenly conditioned body. If you do the same thing week in and week out you tend to emphasise the same muscles. Weak muscles tend to get weaker and strong muscles tend to get stronger. This muscular imbalance can cause injury and back pain. A balanced body is less likely to be injured.

Book into a Glow Pilates class or a one-to-one to tap into your inner strength.

Summer is a great time for a full body tune up. Check out our resident therapists, from osteopaths, massage, facials, acupuncture, cupping and reflexology we have all you need to keep your body working to its optimal.

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Meet the Glow Pilates teachers

Antonia Ptohides  

Antonia’s main goals are to strengthen the muscles and correct posture, improving core stability and body awareness

Catch her in Covent Garden on Mondays 7.45pm, Wednesdays 7.30am and at the Fitzrovia studio on Mondays 6pm and Tuesdays 7.30pm


Paola Langella

Paola's classes focus on strength, flexibility and endurance without building bulk.

Condition your whole body with her at the Fitzrovia studio on Thursday mornings, 7.30am and Covent Garden on Sundays 12.45pm.


Jazzi Craddock

Jazzi brings a current and enthusiastic approach to her classes, helping you to achieve your goals no matter where you start from.

Jazzi teachers in Covent Garden on Fridays 5pm, as well as Fridays 12.45pm in Fitzrovia.


Sjaan van de Langenberg

Sjaan creates a space for you to reconnect with your body and her classes aim to strengthen your body and mind.

Get your weekend started the right way with Sjaan on Saturday mornings at 10.45am in Fitzrovia.


Amanda Lana

Amanda's classes place emphasis on mind and body connection to help you feel supple and strong.

Amanda teaches the lunchtime class in Covent Garden, Thursdays at 12.45pm


Coming up...

NEW Forrest yoga classes start on Saturday 15th August 1pm - to 2.15pm at Covent Garden and 7.30am on Monday 17th August at the Fitzrovia studio with Alis. Book in.

Saturday Jivamutki class at the Fitzrovia studio will be taken by new teacher Alexsei for the next few weeks. Book in.

Sam Ma will be teaching Qi Gong every Wednesday 4pm to 5pm starting on the 2nd September. You pay him directly and he charges a drop in price of £18 and a discount on a pack of classes. For all Qi Gong bookings please email him directly.

Health Qi Gong, 養生氣功, is a health cultivating breathing exercise to strengthen internal organs and improve blood circulation efficiency by increasing oxygen intake. It also increases your inner strength, Nei Gong - 內功, to enable injury recovery time.

Sam is a qualified Qi Gong instructor and also Chinese Medicine practitioner and holds a popular Tuesday morning clinic at Good Vibes.

Students will learn all movements in great detail and their related medical principles including Yin Yang 陰陽, 5 Elements 五行 and Organs 臟腑 theories.

Check out our workshops in September here.

Members get 20% off Good Vibes workshops, not yet a member? Join us today! You'll enjoy classes for under £8 a class if you come 3 times a week.

And don't forget our Summer Sale right through to the end of August 30 classes for the price of 24 that's 6 FREE folks! Buy it here.

Lovely clients, if you have been coming for a while and want to share the Good Vibes, please fill out this form and we will come and take a photo of you to feature you on our website!

See you in class!

Nahid and the #GoodVibes team x

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11 August 2015

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