Injury proof your body

Injury proof your body

1. Indoor Cycling is a fantastic way to keep fit but before you jump onto your bike, read on. You might think that there ins't much to cycling but good pedal stroke, upper body alignment, seat arrangement, and breath are all key in delivering a powerful and efficient output. Mixing upper body exercises on a bike seriously reduces your efficiency.

Check in to the Beginners class tonight at 5.45pm with Rhia - get there early for the bike set up.

Or book a one-to-one with master coach Nadine, it's transformed my riding and lots of our clients too!

2. Keep your joints juicy. Some styles of yoga and exercise encourage a locking out of the joints to keep the body stable. More rigorous teachers know that by keeping space in the joints lets the muscles do their work to stabilise, creating strength and tone. This is how we teach Glow Yoga, do take this learning into all of your yoga classes and enjoy a more challenging yet safer workout.

3. Stop thinking that your body and mind are two separate entities. Mental tension manifests itself physically so giving yourself to rebalance your whole system will be of huge benefit. Learning to relax can help to regulate anxiety, depression and insomnia and has a profound effect on the central nervous system. End your day by lying on the floor with your legs up on cushions to recalibrate your nervous system.

Or try our signature Glow yang and yin classes where we flow, we then restore and then enjoy yoga nidra or guided meditation.

4. Look at your everyday movement patterns. Bear in mind that whatever your habitual patterns are, i.e. achy shoulders, tight hips you’ll bring to your exercise regime. Make sure that you allow these areas to open up through a yoga or Pilates class so that you approach your exercising with awareness of your tight or weak spots.

A great way to strengthen around the ankles which are prone to injury is to try this balancing movement, rise up on to the tip toes and slowly lower heels back down with control. Repeat for 5 more times and see if you can make the movement slow and controlled.

5. Strengthen the deep core line for better support. The core is made up of more than just the abdominals and basic moves like crunches do more harm than good tightening up the back line of the body where most of us are already over tense (hamstrings, lower back, shoulders). The deep core line starts at the arches of the feet running up through the inner thighs through the pelvic floor, deep core abdominals all the way to the roof of the mouth.

Book into a Glow Pilates class or a one-to-one to build better awareness of these areas.

Do check out our therapists, we have resident osteopaths, massage therapists acupuncture, cupping and reflexology to keep your body working to its optimal.

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Do try our new Forrest yoga class on Saturday with new teacher Alis Atagan starting on the 15th August1pm - 2.15pm. Forrest yoga is core centred and has long holds, we thnk you will like it. Book here.

Experienced teacher, Nicole will be regularly teaching the WednesdayJivamukti class but will have a few covers while she is away. Try it if you like hands on adjustments and a non-stop flow.

Zofia takes over the Friday night Yang and yin, comeot just flow it all out and end the week on a high.

Keep an eye on the timetable for Summer cover teachers and go try them, doing the same thing all the time keeps you in the same place, go mix it up and surprise yourself! As ever we love your feedback on teachers so please keep it coming.

The NEW Power Plate circuit classes are super fun -  and really work you - have you tried it yet?

Check out our workshops in September here.

Members get 20% off Good Vibes workshops, not yet a member? Join us today! You'll enjoy classes for under £8 a class if you come 3 times a week.

And don't forget our Summer Sale right through to the end of August 30classes for the price of 24 that's 6 FREE folks! Buy it here.

Lovely clients, if you have been coming for a while and want to share the Good Vibes, please fill out this form and we will come and take a photo of you to feature you on our website!

See you in class!

Nahid and the #GoodVibes team x

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5 August 2015

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