The 5 key benefits of FAR infra-red

Hello, we are back from our Good Vibes holiday, you'll be seeing us around the studios, we'll be beaming from ear to ear and glowing from inside out. We go again next year June 20- 27th, save the date!

Even though the weather is a bit up and down, you can get a cosy glow in the our yoga studios. We've been leading the fitness boom for 9 years and we were the first yoga studio in Europe to use Far-infrared (FIR) to heat our studios. 

We chose it because FIR is a kinder warmth than just hot air and has many benefits too. 

Here are 5 benefits of Far infra-red heat:

FIR emits energy that is absorbed by human cells. This allows the capillaries to expand increasing blood flow, aiding better circulation and and overall improved metabolism. 

FIR stimulates the immune system to fight bacteria and viruses in our system.

Speed recovery from injuries and pain management, FIR has a positive effect on connective tissue cells necessary for tissue repair and regeneration. It is also heals scar tissues and skin problems.

Increases flexibility FIR makes muscle and connective tissue more relaxed and pliable.

FIR has a positive effect on the breakdown of cellulite, the increased circulation carry nutrients to the skin promoting a healthy tone and texture.

We believe that Yoga is a healing practice, not an endurance Sport and how you are taught in the warmth is key to our studio ethos. We want to encourage you to have a life long respect for your body, by working with it, rather than fighting it. We look forward to seeing you in the yoga room.

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28 July 2015

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