7 ways to tone up your arms

Flabby arms can be attributed to a diet lacking in sufficient nutrients and processed foods that the body can’t breakdown well. The pockets of fat under the arms and where cellulite occurs can also be attributed to poor habitual patterning. For instance, sitting at your PC all day can weaken your back muscles and puts a lot of strain on your neck muscles, which means compromised alignment.

Strained muscles causes blockages in the flow of blood. Which means that dead cells and cell waste can’t be properly flushed out and they collect in the connective tissue.

Our body is a whole network of interrelated systems so training your arms more is not the answer. As ever, we have to adopt a more holistic approach.

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7 #GoodVibes ways to tone your arms.

1. Eat clean. Buy and cook your own food and eat lots of leafy green vegetables in every meal.

2. Body brushing will flush the dead cells and cell debris out through better blood flow. Lightly brush arms and upper torso down towards the heart and legs in upward strokes towards the heart. Aim for at least 3 times a week.

3.Regular massages to get your blood flowing into all seized muscles,check out our therapists.

4. Pilates to balance the body and retrain muscles, have a look at the timetable.

5. Cardio to get the heart pumping and blood flowing, cycle classes and Power Plate HIIT and circuit classes. Book in.

6. Strength training on the Power Plates will exercise all muscles and increase blood flow, book in for a one-to-one for bespoke alignment cues. Book in.

7. Glow Yoga in a heated Far Infra Red room – the infra red is known for increasing blood flow and the rays penetrate on a cellular level helping to eliminate toxins. The Glow Yoga practice helps to pull your body out of your habitual patterning a. Book in here.

If you are looking to make a lifestyle change then train with a friend. To entice you in, bring a friend to class for half price!

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14 July 2015

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