Good Vibes Christmas present list

Here are 6 Good Vibes must have Christmas presents AND you can order them all online - how easy is that?

1. A weighted hula hoop from Gaiam, you can take it apart to hide it away or to take it away with you, hula hooping burns 100 cals a minute and hooping to your favourite tracks puts a massive smile on your face - I love it!

Gaiam Body circle hoops, it's all about the hoops this Christmas  - I use these every day, hooping my arms backwards to counteract the hours spent at a PC - even more fun for all if you do this topless!

3. Yin and Yan Yoga DVD by Simon Low  - great yoga, expertly taught. A lovely flowing style and also restorative yoga because sometimes you need to go slow - Recommended!

4. Pilates ring - pop this baby in between your thighs at work and you'll be cracking walnuts without the aid of utensils, which means more party invites for you! This is great to use in ab exercises as it engages your lower abs without even thinking about it.

5. Good Vibes gift vouchers - the gift that keeps giving! Available in any denomination, we'll send it to them, or we'll pop it on an account for them for the New Year and send them an email, you decide!

6.  Lavender eye mask by Holistic Silk when it all gets too much and you need a bit of shut eye, this will make you look rather glamourous in the corner.

Gifts that can be used all year long -  that's Christmas all sorted!

The Mistress of the Good Vibes Universe x

8 December 2010