Just one more drink?

glasses-of-drinksWe LOVE a good party like the next person but we like to feel on top of the world SO much more.

So how do you have a life, a healthy lifestyle and a little festive drink?  Stick to the Good Vibes rules and make sure that you are fully aware of the choices you make.

Alcohol is high in sugar and contains a lot of calories, 7 calories per gram in pure liquid form. That means a standard drink of 10 grams of alcohol, is 70 calories and that’s before you consider the mixers.

As well as the high calorie content, alcohol wreaks havoc with how our bodies' process nutrients and how we burn energy. Our bodies can’t store alcohol so removing alcohol from the body takes precedence over other essential functions which can result in disrupting the fat burning process; some studies suggest the effects last 3 days after the event!

So it’s not just the calories on the night but the after effects that can give you a jelly belly.

The smartest way to have fun at a party is to plan in advance and decide whether you will drink or not – and remember you don’t always have to! If you are going to, eat something filling with lean protein before you go out.

Decide how much you are going to drink and stick to it. Our limit is 2 drinks to be able to get up and function the next day.

Drink a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink. Avoid the salty snacks and canapés, they are unnecessary calories and are often heavily salted which will make you drink even more.

Order a cab in advance to get you home in time, our trick is to leave a party before it all gets too barnyard!

Drink a big glass or 2 of water before you hit bed. Pop an eye pillow over your eyes to help you get off to sleep.


The next day...

Eat a protein breakfast in the morning and get some fresh air. The best class to attend the next day? Yoga will calm your nervous system and get you back into balance.

If you are not feeling nauseous then a quick Power Plate class will get your blood circulation going and your metabolism revved up to get you back on track.  Keep drinking water throughout the day, avoiding tea and coffee. A restorative yoga class at night will get you off to sleep like a baby. Jump into a Glow cycle class for the next two days to keep your metabolism burning.

A regular Good Vibes habit will keep your body fit, mobile and flexible and your mind in a calm state. And when you are feeling GREAT about yourself, it emanates from your pores.

Doing the same thing will keep you in the same place, but if you are looking for long term change, our winning combination of classes will keep your body and mind challenged.

The best way to do that is to become a member - you can pay month by month over 12 months or you can pay in one lump sum for a discounted price.

Whichever option you go for,  try it for 12 months and we promise that you will be in a much better place.

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8 December 2014