Glow Yoga studio is open for business

So happy we are back in Covent Garden, the studio is beautiful!

Come in and see for yourself an intro class is £5 and the warmth is delicious!

Glow Yoga is the first studio in the UK to be heated by infra red which soothes stiff muscles, helps weight loss and leaves you feeling energised.  The SAD studio ambient lighting gives you all the benefits of a sunny day.

The teachers are all British Wheel of Yoga trained with a healthy respect for anatomy and they all teach to the Glow Yoga Principles.  We want you to enjoy your body for a very long time so we don't force, we never lock out knees and we encourage you to see how it feels rather than how it looks.

The studio was made possible by the following people who have been totally delicious:

David & Rudy, you have my heart

Simon, Rachel , Jim and his team, Alex , Brooke , Ruth , Clare R, Clare D, Helena, Emma, Skye, Rai and the Good Vibes team, Rupert, Naomi, Pippa, Julia and her team, Gabby and Daniel at Found Associates, all my lovely friends and my Mum for teaching me how to live a life fearlessly.

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat. x


18 September 2011