Glow Yoga tips for staying safe in yoga class


A regular yoga practice keeps you in tune with your body and mind: works with your body as opposed to against it. Yoga is a long term sustainable practice that evolves with you over the years.

Top tips for staying safe in class:

  • Don’t compete with your mat neighbour: we all bring different physiologies, abilities and conditioning to the mat. Yoga is all about connecting the mind with the body so when you have that connection you are “doing” yoga, the rest is just gymnastics! Working with your body in a mindful way is much harder than using momentum

  • Don’t focus on making the “right shape”: it’s all about how it feels. Feel and connect with every part of your body as it evolves with care and attention from one pose into another

  • Don’t go 100% for the full pose from the get go, ease your way in and keep registering how it feels. Use your muscle strength to keep space in the joints and your breath to deepen your pose, keep a little bit back.

  • A good teacher, no matter what discipline, is one who empowers you with the knowledge to listen to your own body. Never absolve responsibility for your own body to anyone else.

11 February 2012