Try Glow Yoga!


Nahid de Belgeonne founded Glow Yoga because she wanted to practise a challenging and nurturing yoga flow in a warm and inspiring studio, founded on the following beliefs:

  • All teachers must have a healthy respect and understanding of current anatomical thinking: where alignment suitable for the individual is encouraged and continual adjustment is encouraged
  • Classes should leave the client feeling both challenged and nurtured.
  • The temperature of the infra red heated room is warm enough to safely open the body but not so hot that it hinders the practice
  • The pace of every class should allow both mind and body to process “how it feels”
  • Precise teaching instruction
  • Some poses are just not suited for class based teaching

She says “our yoga classes are as energetic as a work out but so much more satisfying as you are fully engaging and connecting with your mind, body and breath. You leave with a little bit more understanding about your body, knowledge that kindness and patience give far better results than forcing, pushing or pulling oneself into text book versions of postures. Exercise is often a purely physical pursuit - we push ourselves to our edges and sometimes this leads to injury. Yoga is about nourishing the mind and body, keeping it all in good working order and listening to what it needs at any given time. Your energy is different everyday and your physical practice should reflect that. "

12 February 2012