Power to the people

Have you tried the ultimate fat burner? AKA the Power Plate? I have been using it for over 5 years now and it has given me the strength and flexibility to develop a strong yoga practice. I loved it from the moment I first stepped on it, it tests your body's responses and keeps you toned and agile. My bottom lifted in one week of using it and it has been keeping  me in check ever since.

Our Power Plate classes are taught by a team of talented teachers who will make sure that you get a strong workout in the 25 minute classes.  Short, sharp classes that really do work and no need for a shower afterwards! What's not to like?

Don't just take my word for it the lovely Grazia ladies started coming here 5 years ago and have been coming ever since:

"Nahid introduced me to power plating and she's an amazing natural ambassador for both that and yoga because she looks INCREDIBLE! She also makes every session fun and different – we've had gentle power plates, cardio power plates, power power plates, power plating combined with trampolines (God that was hard!). Best of all though, Nahid steers you in the direction of the exercises that are going to work for your body, so you get fantastic, safe results."

Jane Bruton, Editor in Chief, Grazia Magazine

"I love power plating, but part of the reason that I've enjoyed it week in, week out for the last five years is because Nahid is such an inspirational, positive teacher.  She never makes two sessions the same and always makes you believe you can do it! My Glow Yoga experience with Nahid as teacher was similarly uplifting. I never thought I was a yoga person until I went to one of her classes. She made me feel so relaxed and confident that I'm now a fan."

Marianne Jones, Deputy Editor, Grazia

13 February 2012