30 day challenge - Week 1

I am on a 30 day challenge to up my game, when you hit 45 you need to work a bit harder.

I am aiming for a Power Plate class every day plus another class either yoga, pilates or a spincycle class during the week and at weekends I'll do yoga and go for walks. I also meditate every day, anything between 3 and 10 minutes and do a spot of restorative yoga every night. You have to balance your energies and rest is as important as action.

I started the week with a juice cleanse from Radiance cleanse just to get me going.

I have a slight knee injury from a dance off with a 19 year old farmer boy at a golden wedding anniversary two weeks ago. sigh - 5 hours nonstop dancing in Westwood heels, that side of my husband's family won't forget us in a hurry!

Here is my first week's activity:

Monday 30th July – was chained to the computer so it doesn’t count!

Tuesday 31st July– a great advanced Power Plate class with Michael and a Spincycle class with Leon – felt great, my legs are singing.

Wednesday 1st August – had to be out and about today so I had 2 Power Plates classes one with Rachel and a personal training session led by..me.

Thursday 2nd August – a Pilates class with Carol sorted out my posture and worked me hard, one tough and knowledgable lady. I also did a Power Plate class with Andrew which is always spot on.

Friday – Friday morning with Kathleen was nice and soothing, ended the day with a Power Plate class with Julio. Thought I was too tired for it but it gave me a lot of energy to get home.

Saturday – an hour self practice yoga

Sunday – an hour long walk and a 90 minute self practice yoga

I’m feeling really good as I’m moving a bit more, I’ll put my schedule for next week up  - perhaps join me for a class?

5 August 2012