30 day challenge - Week 2

I bashed my elbow on a chest of drawers at the weekend, quite badly. It means I can't support my weight on it very well. It also makes me seem like a clumsy klutz. Believe it or not I haven't had an injury in over 6 years. I need more flat or less furniture.

To cope with the frustration of not being a trustafarian with a paid for house in Notting Hill...I've upped my exercise to get wickedly fit.

It's Week 2 of my 30 day Challenge and here's my schedule for this week:

Monday 6th August: I went to  Power Plate class in the morning with Kate, a lunchtime yoga class with Dina and  Pilates class with Antonia this evening. It broke up the day nicely and I think I was a bit more productive as a result.

Tuesday 7th August: I am teaching Yoga in the morning and then  a one-to-one on the Power Plate at Fitzrovia so had a Power Plate class with Andrew and a Spincycle class at lunchtime with Joe. It is my second Spincycle class and I am feeling it!

Wednesday 8th August: A Power Plate class with Rachel and another one with Kate. I meant to do a lunchtime yoga class as well, it's a great way to break up the day and not get so caught up in the endless to do list but it din't happen.

Thursday 9th August: a Power Plate class with Ally and a Yoga class with Natasha which was paced just right.

Friday 10th August: A  Power Plate class with Julio and Flow and a Bliss class with Ruth - delicious day!

Saturday 11th August: Spincycle class with Leon, my 3rd class and it is still quite hard, feeling it in my thighs and am a bit out of breath at points in the class and my legs don't seem to spin as fast as everyone else's but I will get there!

Sunday 12th August: I taught a 90 minute yoga class and did it all while teaching so that was me for the week.

I also had tickets every single night for the Meltdown festival which meant that after teaching and training there wasn't a lot of room for anything else. But that's a good thing, one of the reasons I wanted to get myself moving more is that I work like a dog and just don't want to any more. I want to look after myself a bit better and being fit makes you feel good about yourself too.

I might get myself a heart rate monitor, we sell them in the shop, I think it might help to motivate me.

I've also had a fitness test done - we are now offering this as a service, it's a great way to measure where you are now and work to improve -  the results were slightly shocking. But more of that later!


6 August 2012