30 day Challenge - Week 3


The start of Week 3 sees me in great spirits, a tipsy evening watching the closing ceremony but this morning I have lots of energy, I  am looking a lot more toned and even my shameful fitness test results couldn't dampen my spirits.

My body fat is at 30.2%!!!! I know! A healthy body fat ratio is 22 - 28% and as I am small (short!)  I need it to be on the lower end of the scale.  Everyone I tell is a bit shocked by it. I'm not. it's been my filthy little secret for far too long.

I have very unhealthy eating habits and always have had. I generally don't eat until I am starving and then I wolf down anything that comes my way. I eat very late and I sit down at a computer for very long days. I get up early, I sleep far too little and I work 7 days a week and have done for 6 years.

That's why I wanted to kick start my exercise regime. I thoroughly recommend having a fitness test done, we offer them for £50 for 45 minutes, your stats are analysed and  you get a report on where you are now so that you can work towards sorting it out.

With that in mind, here is this week's proposed schedule:

Monday 13th August: Power Plate class with Kate, it's her last day here so will buy here a cake but will not eat a crumb! I'll also do a Yoga class with Adam which was brilliant, he is very funny. I do like a sense of humour in my teachers. I really wanted to do the Pilates class but am feeling tired this evening and need to be sparkling for my classes and one to ones tomorrow.

Tuesday 14th August: a Power Plate class with Andrew and a Spincycle Core class with Joe, his abs exercises are HARD!

Wednesday 15th August:a Power Plate class with Rachel was all I managed today. I was teaching a lot. feeling pretty fantastic though. Being more energetic gives you more energy.

Thursday 16th August: a Core Flow with Clare in the morning, a lunchtime Pilates with Carol. A Power Plate class with Mary in the afternoon. Made up for yesterday!

Friday 17th August: a Yoga class in the morning, an afternoon Power Plate class

Saturday 18th August: Spincycle with Leon, Pilates class with Antonia and a quick Power Plate class with Julio

Sunday 19th August: teaching a 90 minute yoga class and am going to eat a lot at my Mums for Eid, it is futile resisting my mother likes to cook and feed. I wonder if my alternate juice days count as fasting?




13 August 2012