30 day Challenge - Week 4

The results at the end of 2 1/2 weeks were that I am looking svelte, it took very little time to see some pretty dramatic changes.  Everyone has been noticing and it just wasn't that hard to get going.  I have lost an inch from my waist already! I have lost half a stone as well. exercising more and seeing the changes makes you want to eat healthily and I haven't been scrimping on the pisco sours either! I can't abstain because life is too fun but you can create a balance where looking after yourself becomes your default setting.

The lessons learnt so far are:

  • you have to do something everyday
  • you must schedule your fitness appointments in
  • you need to have a back up plan - if you didn't get up in the morning and missed a class, what's your plan B?
  • The Power Plate is amazing for building lean muscle and you see the results quickly, it is a must have in a fat loss plan.
  • You do need to sweat, I thought I could avoid it ( the hair!)  but a sweaty cardio workout is very necessary part of your fitness routine. It doesn't have to be for long, we offer 30 minute Spincycle classes, do a power plate class first and feel your body zing!

This week looks like this:

Monday 20th August  I had a hard work out on the Power Plate and a Pilates class with Mary

Tuesday 21st August I taught all day and had a Power plate class with Andrew and a Spincycle Core with Joe.

Wednesday 22nd August - I taught a delicious lunchtime Glow Yoga in the Park had a yoga class with Michelle and then a fat busting Power plate class with Zoe.

Thursday 23rd August - A power plate class with Zoe


22 August 2012