Holiday exercise

Going on holiday needn't mean parking your fitness routine, in fact it's often a lot easier to fit in.

All you need to do are to pack for a range of activities and the type of place you are visiting. The hotel has an outdoor pool? 1 km every day! Great country walks, mountains to hike or a city break? Pack a pedometer, the right shoes and off you go. A beautiful space to practice yoga outside? Plan you practice for sunrise or sunset to get the most out of the setting.

I have a little routine everyday and it goes a little something like this:

200  x hula hooping each way, it's great for toning the waist and encouraging you to drawing muscles that make up the core back into the spine. It's also gently warms up the spine before you do something more vigourous.

I practice flow yoga for anything between 1 hour to an hour and a half including core work.

I do a few mobility and strengthening arm exercises with the resistance bands.

After lazing about for the rest of the day I swim for 1 km in the early evening or go for a long walk. If I fancy a change, I do a bit of light skipping. Easy!

A few essentials for your suitcase when you go away, you can buy them all in our shop.

1. Weighted hula hoop, it comes apart in sections, play your favourite tracks and hula!

2. Resistance bands so many great uses for these, my favourite exercises on holiday are posture correcting exercises after a lifetime of hunching over a computer -  I'll put some up over the next week or so.

3. Tanita skipping rope - pop your weight in and it gives you your calorie burn based on the revolutions of the rope, work off that tiramisu!

4. Omron pedometer - it's always good to know how much you are moving throughout the day. If you do nothing else then aim to move 10,000 steps as a day -  as a minimum.



27 August 2012