Runners and Cyclists monthly class



By popular demand, thank YOU Becca,  we are running a NEW monthly Runners and Cylists monthly class.

Whether you're a part-time runner or cyclist or a heavy duty competitor, this once monthly class will assist you in fine tuning your body to help you become the best, most body-intelligent athlete you can be. Addressing the specific needs of both runners and cyclists, you will learn how to stretch safely and effectively while building strength, mobility and balance in the body in order to reduce the likelihood of injury, decrease recovery time and improve performance. Breathing techniques will also be taught to encourage efficiency in movement and improved stamina resulting in overall enhanced performance.

Clare is an experienced Yoga Teacher with a background in Sports Therapy. She has taught yoga and provided training advice to both casual and professional athletes and was responsible for writing the popular 'Yoga for Sport' series for Yoga Magazine, both in the UK and US. Her teaching focuses on helping people to understand their bodies and how they work, always in a creative and fun environment.

She says "often considered secondary to specific training, a good stretching regime should be a staple ingredient in any remotely sporty life and as yoga teaches you about your own body mechanics and allows you to learn invaluable skills beyond simply flexibility, it really is a no-brainer. In my experience it genuinely can be the difference between injury and health, good performance and bad performance - who wouldn't want that!?"

The price is £16 for 75 minutes, the dates are:

2012: 20th October and 17th November

2013: 19th January, 9th February and 20th April

We have an indulgent 2 hour Runners and Cyclists workshop with Lexie Willliamson on the 23rd March 2013 £25.



27 September 2012