Oh you pretty things...

The phone’s ringing nonstop, emails coming in thick and fast, your deadlines are looming and quite frankly... you are exhausted!

To be more productive, creative and feel more alive you need to know when and how to slow down the action and use your energy more efficiently.

One way to do that is to include restorative Yoga into your schedule, try the Glow Yang and Yin and the Glow Yoga Bliss classes.

Taking a bit of time after work to release the day helps to undo the relentless action. Using an eye pillow is very effective in reducing stress by bringing your nervous system from overdrive back to balance.

Good Vibes pretty eye pillows hand made using vintage fabrics and filled with flax seeds and lavender will help you to reclaim your calm.

The eye pillows are exclusive to us and on sale at the Covent Garden studio £20.

How do they work?

Eye pillows offer a range of benefits from not only keeping out the light but also  light pressure on the eyeballs which stimulates the vagus nerve and oculocardiac reflex, which in turn switches on the relaxation response.The oculocardiac reflex kicks in when a gentle pressure is applied on the eyeballs and this in turn lowers the pulse rate.

Tune in for 3 great ways to introduce calm into your life.

3 December 2012