2013 New Year Resolutions Tip 1: Meditate everyday


Let 2013 be the year that you value the quality of your experiences and think about how well the things you do nourish you. A life long health regime should come from a place of love rather than a place of self denial. Mindfulness is the key to change, it’s only when we are in tune with our mind and body that we can make informed decisions about our lives. It takes 30 days to from a habit, stick to a few achievable changes that will, with consistent practice, improve your well being.

Here are our top tips for looking and feeling good way beyond January.

Meditate everyday. Try it for 3 minutes a day and then build up. As soon as I get out of bed I mediate for 5 minutes just to help me to set the tone for the rest of the day. I also mediate during the day for a few minutes if I feel overwhelmed. This daily practice has really allowed me to take the time to think about my responses rather than giving immediate reactions.

You can buy short meditation mp3s here, ( look under accessories) pop it on your phone, get started and commit to 30 days.

Add in more mindful classes to your routine, we offer weekly classes, try the restorative Glow Yoga Bliss or the Yin and Yang Yoga by candlelight and we hold regular workshops to help calm the mind.

2013 New Year Resolutions Tip 2

2 January 2013