2013 New Year Tip 2: Add more movement to your day


Move around more throughout the day. Don't just restrict movement to your classes. Sedentary lifestyles are making us all fat, break up your day sitting at a desk:

  • Make your phone calls standing up
  • Every 30 minutes get up stand on your toes reach for the ceiling, get everyone to do it and you won't feel quite so foolish!
  • Every hour get up and walk up stairs or to someone in the furthest part of the office.
  • Reclaim your lunchtime, your brain needs a rest. Go for walk outside or go to a class.
  • Invest in a fitbit, they are great to get you monitoring your movements throughout the day and also count your steps, 10,000 a day should be your minimum number of steps per day.

Moving around throughout the day keeps your brain sharp and your body mobile.

2013 New Year Tip 3


12 January 2013