Aveda PR – Earth Month 30 Day Good Vibes Yoga Challenge!

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Every April Aveda globally celebrates Earth Month.  Founded some 14years ago by Aveda, Earth Month is all about raising awareness and of course money for water-related charity projects around the world.

Aveda UK’s Earth Month charity partner is WaterAid – an amazing charity that works to provide some of the world’s poorest communities with access to clean water.  And with this year’s UK fundraising target of £100,000, the pressure is on for every department to get involved and get fundraising!

With this in mind, the Aveda PR Team decided to do something different this year, something that would stretch us, take commitment and last throughout the entire month of April to really drive awareness.  However, it needed to be something that correlated with the true meaning of Aveda and Earth Month, so when loyal Aveda fan and Yoga extraordinaire Nahid, Founder of Good Vibes had a by-chance encounter with us at the Aveda Covent Garden Institute, the stars had obviously aligned!

With the art of Yoga being focused on well being, peace and balance, all of which closely resonate with the Aveda philosophy - an Aveda Earth Month PR 30 day Yoga Challenge seemed the perfect fundraising initiative...

Now on day 10 of the challenge, we (Lucie Seffens and Katie Gunn from Aveda PR) are definitely feeling the burn! Dedicating an hour everyday (including the weekends – no part-timers allowed), to dynamic yoga at the Covent Garden Good Vibes Studio, we are putting our bodies through its paces and testing our strength of mind, motivation and energy, whilst spreading the word to hundreds of journalists, friends and family and asking for their support.

Now we aren’t going to lie and say it is proving an easy feat, but with the incredible teachers at Good Vibes encouraging and helping us stay grounded and focused, and Nahid giving us special advice and tips we know we can do it! We also, perhaps somewhat naively, thought we would set ourselves an extra obstacle to overcome and take on a three day juice cleanse courtesy of Radiance Cleanse  - the only certified organic, raw and cold pressed juice cleanse in the UK.  We are predicting that three days with no food and dynamic yoga will be the most trying yet!

You can follow all of our progress on Twitter @AvedaUK@luluseff and @katie_gunn and show your much appreciated support for this worthy cause by donating here. 

Go team Aveda!

17 April 2013