Stay motivated in Winter


It's tough getting of bed on a cold winter morning or getting into class after work, when all you want to do curl up with the heating on.

But working out all winter long will get you through the colder months by keeping your mood buoyant and your waistline trim.

Need convincing?

Exercise boosts your immune system - studies have shown that exercising a few times a week can reduce the number of colds you get every year.

Winter Weight - it's easy to pile on the pounds during the winter, but by ensuring you keep up your exercise, you keep building on your fitness levels as well as fire up your metabolism and circulation.

Seasonal Affective Disorder - S.A.D is something that affects most people and is caused by poor nutrition, a decrease in being active and a lack of sunshine. The answer – Glow Yoga! You'll get limber in body and mind AND receive a daily dose of Vitamin D through specially designed S.A.D lighting and the warmth from the FAR infra red keeps your joints juicy.

Be sure to book into the Train Smarter workshop with Nadine. This workshop will teach you how to train effectively so that every second on the bike counts. This workshop is for everyone, beginners and advanced alike!

Saturday 31st January 1.15pm – 3.15pmFitzrovia studioBook now.

Members get 20% off workshops – pay at the desk or call up on 020 7 580 1276. Not yet a member? Join us now!

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Don’t miss next month’s workshops:

Glow Foundation for Beginners an Improvers with Clare on Saturday 7th February 2015  2pm – 4pm  £25

Arm Balances, Putting it all Together with Adam on Saturday 28th February 2015 2pm – 4pm   £25

Glow Ballet and Pilates Sculpt with Antonia on Saturday 28th February 2015 2pm – 4pm £25


If you are on the 12 or 24 pack - much cheaper than buying your classes singly - you can bring a friend* to try a class for 50% off. Send us their details and we will do the rest!

Want some fun in the sun and to go a little deeper into your yoga practice? Join Founder Nahid and Founding Glow Yoga teacher Ruth for a deeply nourishing holiday in Turkey. #GoodVibes Yoga Holiday July 13th - 20th 2015.

Early bird discount ends on the 31st January 2015 - get booking!

See you in class,

#GoodVibes x

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25 January 2015