Top tips for Cyclists 2


Work your core! One of the best things you can work on to make you a better rider is your core. Look around at many cyclists and you'll see them rocking from side to side from the waist up on their saddle. The reason? They're not using their abdominals efficiently. It may not be the first set of muscles you think of for cycling but by strengthening your core you'll be able to maintain a strong and stationary body position on your bike and avoid using your upper body in an attempt to propel yourself forwards.

This doesn't just improve your speed, it also keeps your spine in good alignment and helps you to resist any sagging of your mid-line which in turn protects your back allowing you to ride more safely and comfortably.

It also ensures that you're putting the work where it should be; in your legs. So you'll want to think about strengthening those too! Try Yoga or Pilates for a great all round strengthener which will target both of these things.

Top tips for Cyclists 3


1 June 2013