Top tips for cyclists 4



Stretch it out. Cycling is a sport consisting of a repetitive action with a limited range of motion which means you can be stuck in the same position for hours on end never quite taking your joints through their full range of motion. Not only this, cycling is in a fairly niche sporting family where your muscles only contract concentrically (while shortening) which means that overtime your muscle fibres can actually shorten. This is known as 'adaptive shortening'.

All of these things combined can result in pain, injuries, tightness and postural imbalances, not to mention make us less efficient on the bike itself so it's vital to stretch out in order to counteract threats. Yoga is a perfect addition to a cycling routine and while you may not need to get your head on your shins to ride your bike you do need to prioritise the ability to regain a 'normal' range of movement to be able to ride efficiently and with maximum enjoyment.

Top tips for cyclists 5


1 June 2013