Spincycle changes


A few changes to the classes as sadly Marnin had to go back to South Africa quite quickly for personal reasons. We wish him luck!

We have been busy finding the right teachers who can deliver a class that is fun and challenging but also respects your body.

Please do look out for the new Spincycle teachers who are starting this week.  We think you will love them!

The changes to the timetable are:

Monday 10th june:  just one lunchtime  1pm 30 minute Spincycle class with Rhia

Tuesday 5.45pm 30 minute Spincycle class with Paola

Wednesday 7.30am 45 min Spincycle class with Paola

Thursday 6.30pm class with Kim

Friday NEW spincycle 30 minute Spincycle taught by Emeka - we are trialling this for 4 weeks

Saturdays will have just one 12pm Spincycle class taught by Kris  - consistently the most popular time slot on Saturdays.

We are looking to put in another late ride or perhaps move the Monday to another day if that suits you better, let us know.

Don't forget Power Plates on Saturdays starts on the 8th June at 11.30am with Lindsey, book in!

Full timetable here.



1 June 2013