Bon Voyage Andrew!

I am sure you will all join me in wishing Andrew and his beautiful family well in their new adventure in France. He will be sorely missed, I have received so many emails from clients who have expressed their sadness about him going.

It led me to think about how we choose the right teachers for Good Vibes, we are very fussy! The teachers are chosen not only for their qualifications and experience but also their enthusiasm, welcoming approach, commitment to updating their skills, their open mindedness and for being warm and kindly souls. God knows life is tough enough without having to come to class and get an attitude from your teacher - at Good Vibes our focus is on delivering a brilliant class that makes you feel good as well as look good.

We have a studio ethos that all Good Vibes teachers buy into, we demand from them a sparkling service that is all about the client and they all care passionately that you get the most out of every visit. We have an excellent reputation for our teaching standards and sunny front of house team and consistently receive brilliant feedback. We are small enough to care about the quality of your experience from the moment you walk in through the door but big enough to offer you different teachers and specialist classes to keep your body and mind challenged.

All of the above is embodied in Andrew, I met him at council run gym teaching a indoor cycling class. It was when I had just set up Good Vibes and I fell in love with his approachable and kindly manner. He really cared that I had a good experience in his class. I told him to ring me if he wanted to train as a Power Plate instructor, of course he was up for it. He has given the same enthusiasm from his first shift as he will to his very last shift. He is all smiles, always wanting to give you a little bit more and has set the standard for all the teachers here. As well as that he has given me advice and support over the years and treated me with kindness - it's nice when your team remember that you need to have support as a boss.

Andrew, you will be very missed as a team member and a friend -  we all wish you a sunny new life.  Plump up the pillows in the spare room for me , I'll be coming to stay!

Nahid x

Mistress of the Good Vibes Universe

15 June 2013