The benefits of Spincycle


The popularity of indoor cycling is rapidly growing but in this beautiful summer weather a lot of cyclists would frown when you tell them you are cycling indoors.

However, there are many benefits from cycling indoors rather than outdoors. Apart from the obvious fact that is it less dangerous, you can also work at a constant intensity indoors compared to outdoors as traffic lights, traffic, junctions etc often break up your training session outdoors. It is also a better environment to practice your sprints and high intensity burst.

If you’ve never ridden a bike as well there is no better place to start than indoors to build up your fitness levels and your confidence before jumping onto a Boris Bike.

Some people view indoor cycling as 45 minutes of high intense exercise but instructors at Good Vibes will provide you with a balanced workout and understand that you need to train at different intensities to enable your body to adapt and improve. Spincycle is great for your cardiovascular system so helping to strengthen your heart and lungs.

With that in mind a Spincycle class is a great for burning calories. Perfect if your diet involves more BBQ food and the rose wine and beers in this hot spell.  Depending on what intensity you are working you can work off 200 – 750 calories per 45 minutes class. Obvious factors determine this figure.

Spincycle is great exercise for your legs, so with summer being here and your summer dresses and shorts being dug out it is great to feel your legs are up to scratch. You’ll be working your thighs, butt and calves. Ignore people who say you will get big thighs from Indoor cycling, it is extremely difficult to get big legs. You need to start pushing some serious weights to cause hypertrophy. Still not convinced? Look at Chris Froome’s legs when he’s next on the podium.

Complementing Spincycle with yoga and Pilates classes will help to improve your mobility and flexibility. Also during a Spincycle class as you transfer your body from the saddle to a standing position, this will help to improve your motor skills as you train your body to fire the muscles correctly and your core fires too.

Remember when you attend a Spincycle class you can work at your own intensity. Spincycle dispels the myth that you have to work at high intensity through-out.

Book into Beginners class first to get the feel of it. Get ready to get bike fit!

Neil Troutman  Velocity Indoor Cycling Program

1 August 2013