Integrative Restoration ‘iRest’ Yoga Nidra Level 1 Training with James Reeves



“James has been the most amazing teacher. Not only am I fitter and more flexible but also I feel better balanced, mentally and emotionally.” – Emma Watson, Actress

A 3 weekend teacher training course

Saturday 12th April – Sunday 13th April 2014

Saturday 17th May – Sunday 18th May 2014

Saturday 31st May – Sunday 1st June 2014

Held at the Fitzrovia studio, London - £695 Book your place here

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iRest is a complete yoga nidra practice that emphasises deep, heartfelt listening and welcoming, which in turn produces profound healing for yourself and those you may work with. It incorporates meditative self-inquiry, interactive dialogue, mind/body deep rest as well as one-on-one and group deliveries of guided relaxations.

iRest is a unique yoga nidra practice in that it is substantiated by extensive and continuing research, which has proven its efficacy. Consequently the protocol has been applied in settings not typically open to standard yoga practices (such as the US military) and attendees undertaking iRest Training will be able to differentiate their approach from other yoga nidra practitioners.

Features of iRest compared with other yoga nidra practices and training:

Secular approach, with modern language and terms, making it easily accessible

Does not impose specific imagery or other suggestions that may be inappropriate/ineffective for the practitioner

The practitioner develops an ‘inner resource’ allowing them to anchor themselves and return to a safe place at any point during the practice

Instructors are trained in how to attend to emotional abreactions that may re-trigger trauma or shut down healing

Individual members of a group are encouraged to choose how they want to participate (i.e. the emotions they want to work with, or imagery that is relevant/has meaning for them), rather than the same, uniform instructions being applied to everyone in the group

Focus on welcoming all emotions as they arise and accepting life as it is, rather than avoiding or escaping situations through ‘forced’ relaxation

iRest has been used in military settings since 2006; all the research on yoga nidra in military settings to date has been done using the iRest protocol

Level I Training provides you with the basic principles, history, theory, practice and delivery of iRest. This will allow you to incorporate the simple 10-step iRest protocol into your personal life, professional teaching or clinical practice.

Teacher James Reeves has a background in Yoga therapy and is the UK’s sole iRest Teacher Trainer.

7 October 2013