Glow Yoga Bliss: Calm Before Christmas Workshop


Saturday 14th December                3-5pm        £25         BOOK NOW


Enjoy the holiday spirit by learning how to fully relax and be calm in every situation.

If the festive season sends you into a tizz, book onto this grounding restorative yoga bliss workshop to pause, breathe and restore. This two hour workshop will teach you techniques to help you fully embrace the festive season by releasing tightly held tensions in the body, as well as breathing techniques that will help diffuse tricky emotions. We end with yoga nidra to leave you feeling calm and ready to welcome in the festive spirit.

Nahid de Belgeonne is the Director and Founder of Good Vibes and teaches challenging yoga flows that also nurture and support the nervous system. She’s been working with bodies for 8 years, and continues her training with master teachers.

7 October 2013