Good Vibes for Men


Frazer Yorke is a man who likes to look good. His hectic career in TV production means he is very busy and the time he spends working out has to count. This means he pushes himself with gym and PT sessions 3 to 4 times a week to ensure his body is always in tip-top shape.

When Frazer first came to Good Vibes he had already lost weight and toned up through a mixture of cardio and weights at the gym, but he was keen to find out what other types of exercise could do for him. ‘Yoga and Pilates I really see as exercise for girls, so I really want to see how it works for a man’, three months later Frazer discovered exactly what these traditionally female disciplines could do for him.

One month into his three month stint at Good Vibes, Frazer was now signed up to Power Plates, Yoga, and Glow Cycle and was already starting to feel different, ‘after a morning spin class I had so much more energy and a calmer head, I feel fitter and the yoga has been really good for helping me sleep, which I often struggle with due to my stressful job’.

Frazer also appreciated how different Good Vibes was to the traditional gyms he was used to, ‘there is a much friendlier and less aggressive feeling than a regular gym and the yoga classes are seriously challenging’.

After two months at Good Vibes Frazer really started to notice a marked improvement other areas of his exercise regime, particularly when it came to running, ‘my stamina has improved so much since being at Good Vibes’.

The difference in the exercise undertaken at Good Vibes left ‘Frazer with a lighter, more flexible feeling, as well as an improved physique. By the end of three months he had this to say ‘I’ve lost half a stone, my upper body has reduced has reduced in size in the right places and I have better definition in my arms as well!’

So boys, if you think that yoga and power plates are just for girls, think again!

Frazer’s stats

Pre-Month 1

After three months











34 inches

32 inches

Upper Arm

12.5 inches

13 inches


40.5 inches

41 inches


41.5 inches

40 inches


21.5 inches

19 inches

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17 November 2013