Bounceback Bootcamp - kick-started the year!



What super fun we all had on last Saturday's Bounceback Bootcamp, 45 mins of cycling with master trainer Neil of Velocity - he trains our teachers - and needs-no-introduction Antonia for 75 minutes of Pilates.

If you only train the one way - your body and mind will get used to it - but if you add other activities to the mix and do a different class every day - then you'll be rocking a challenged body and mind. And that my friends, makes for a good look!

Look out for the next Sculpt Bootcamp on Saturday 8th February, 45 minutes cycling followed by 75 minutes of Glow Ballet Tone, a conditioning class that uses the best exercises from dance and Pilates. To the tune of Fame, Flashdance and other cheesy dance pop tunes -  you will feel the burn! Legwarmers and headbands optional! Book your place now!

Members get 20% off all Good Vibes workshops.

13 January 2014