Good Vibes in Stella magazine - the A-Z of modern wellbeing


Sunday Telegraph magazine Stella, lists Good Vibes in the A-Z of modern well being this month. Founder & Director, Nahid de Belgeonne explains why when it comes to yoga, warm is so much better than hot:

'Hot yoga can be very dehydrating. As you dehydrate the system, blood volume goes down, the heart beats faster and you enter a fight-or-flight state that's counter productive in your yoga class.'

But not all warm yoga is equal, our bespoke Far infra red heated studio ( we were the first in Europe) has many benefits - including reducing muscle soreness and inflammation. It is a much kinder warmth, FIR heats up objects rather than the environment so you get warmer as you work harder.  Combined with the Glow Yoga studio ethos challenging but nurturing classes to give you a practice that lasts a  lifetime.

Book into a sunshine Glow Yoga class today to get you mind and body happy.



18 January 2014