Seven ways to burn fat FAST!

Is there a little pocket of fat on your body that just won't go away no matter what you do? Follow these simple tips and to melt away the  fat.

Happy woman with measure tape1. Drink green tea. Three cups of green tea a day can boost your metabolism by around 4%! So ditch the Latte and go green!

2. Eat iron. Without enough iron in your system, your body doesn't get enough oxygen, which can slow down your metabolism. Get your fix from iron-rich foods including leafy green, nuts and beans.

3. High intensity workouts. Bursts of intense exercise are a surefire metabolism booster Join a Power Plates HIIT class to banish fat super fast.

4. De-stress! High levels of stress hormone cortisol in your system can increase your appetite AND slow down your metabolism. Make sure you have plenty of restorative yoga in your routine to keep those levels in perfect balance.

5. Get enough sleep. Studies have shown that people who got less than four hours sleep a night had a lot more trouble processing carbs due to increased levels of insulin and that pesky stress hormone cortisol. Get six-eight hours to ensure your body has enough energy to keep your metabolism going.

6. Get on your bike! Our Glow Cycle classes can help your burn up to 700 calories in a 45-minute session - a great way to help you keep lean!

7. Try something new. Sticking to the same classes every day will mean your body adapts and you'll burn fewer calories! Mix it up to ensure you are always working different muscles groups and you'll see continued results.

25 January 2014