Mix up your fitness routine to get the body you want



Good Vibes is a place where everyone can achieve their fitness goals, whether you're looking to drop a dress size, build strength and muscle tone or improve fitness and flexibility.

The key thing to remember, whatever your aims may be, is that a blend of different exercises will get you to your goals faster, here's how it works.

I want to drop a dress size. Try Power Plates + Glow Cycle

When you drop a dress size, you won't necessarily see it on the scales. Muscle has a greater density than fat so it takes up less volume so while it's important to burn off the fat with  Glow Cycle classes,  for long term fat loss building muscle in our Power Plates classes is an essential ingredient. Our clients see a real difference where it counts - you will notice a difference after just three 25 minute sessions.

I want to build strength and muscle tone. Try Glow YogaPower Plates

If you're fit and healthy but want to improve your body's strength and definition Glow Yoga is a great place to start! The yoga poses will work your whole body in all three planes, using your body weight as resistance means that you build muscle in keeping with your frame. Power Plate classes will help you build core strength, and improve your mobility and flexibility as well as giving good bottom!

I want to improve fitness and flexibility. Try Glow Ballet Tone + Glow Yoga

Our new Glow Ballet Tone classes are a fab way to improve your overall fitness. These high energy classes combine dancers conditioning exercises with strength training - there's a reason those girls look so good: they work really hard! Adding Glow Yoga to your routine will loosen up your body from head-to-toe leaving your joints far more supple and flexible: you'll be up in a standing split before you know it!

I want to change my body shape - Glow Pilates will lengthen AND strengthen your muscles, Glow Yoga Bliss will release habitual tensions in the body and mind, Glow Cycle will burn the fat off to show off your tone and Power Plates will give you fast results that will keep you motivated.

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9 February 2014