Glow Yoga for Happy Hips


Saturday 15th March 3-5 pm BOOK NOW

Do you sit at a desk for long hours, cycle and run loads? This 2 hour hip-opening workshop could be just what you need.

We’ll prepare the body through a warming yoga flow and then jump right into standing, seated and supine hip openers to increase range of movement in the joints and muscles of the hip area, while stabilising and strengthening the pelvis, hips and lower spine to open and condition these areas.

This workshop allows us to examine the anatomy of the hips and discover what is actually happening in the postures, moving safely through each pose so that you will be able to deepen your own practice, improving alignment and circulation and ultimately learning tools to counteract tension and tightness as it builds. You’ll leave feeling freer, lighter and happier.

Zofia Hennelly began practising yoga after injury had curtailed her professional ballet career fifteen years ago. The profound impact of the practice led her to complete her teacher training with Yoga Campus in 2008. Her teaching comes from the desire to help people find embodiment – to understand how to work with the body to develop strength and kinaesthetic awareness, while building the relationship between breath and movement to ultimately release and liberate body and mind.

£25, or £20 for Good Vibes Members

14 February 2014