Anti-age your workouts


We need a little paradigm shift in our attitude towards ageing, how do you stay happy in your skin and over a lifetime? You won't be surprised to learn that a long term approach is what we recommend.

If your fitness regime is causing you stress, here are the #Goodvibes way to anti age your workouts:

Move a lot – don’t just do it in class or your more formal exercise appointments, move every hour at the very least. It will keep your systems hydrated, which is key to keeping youthful. Take a few shoulder rolls, raise your arms to reach for the sky. Roll your eyeballs clockwise and then anti clockwise at least every 15 minutes if you work at a PC all day. Keep your juices flowing!

Move in multiple planes to hydrate the connective tissue and keep it supple – if you only run or do the same sport you will get the same body – book into a Glow Yoga class to adopt a more elastic approach to your fitness and improve your flexibility and your mobility.

Alternate your running days - running can cause loss of elasticity in the skin - intersperse running with low impact but high results indoor cycling, book in a Glow Cycle class for a low impact cardio workout.

Balance your body - our habitual patterns might lead to overworking some muscles and underworking others.  Glow Pilates lengthens as it strengthens the muscles creating a balanced body. Book in. 

Keep your workouts short and focussed - pushing yourself too hard for too long leads to excess cortisol levels which can contribute to chronic disease. Over exercise can increase the risk of repetitive injuries and a weakened immune system. Book into a short 25min Power Plate class where you adopt an interval training approach. Clients have reported a drop in dress size and a toned body in just one month.

Learn to relax - living in a state of fear and flight is ageing for our systems so learning to relax is an important part of our anti-ageing armoury. The weekly restorative Bliss Yoga class will release tensions. The Yang and Yin with yoga nidra at the end  is good for busy minds who need the action before the relaxation. Or book in the Cultivate a home meditation practice with Clive on Sunday 6th April.

16 March 2014