Chloe Hammond - Glow Cycle Teacher


Chloe is a Glow Cycle teacher, you can book into her classes here.

What is the best time of the day to practise/exercise?

I believe exercise is best done first thing in the morning, as it kick starts your metabolism and keeps it elevated for hours after. It also sets you off to a healthy mindset and makes you want to eat better food for the rest of the day.

What do you recommend to eat before your class? after the class?

Before a cycle class, as long as you have had a healthy substantial enough breakfast or lunch, I would have a banana or a handful of nuts (almonds/cashew) or a similar snack for a little energy, try not to eat too close to the class. After you train try to eat something healthy like fish or a protein shake if it’s easier/quick. Do this as close to finishing your workout as you can as that's when your body is restoring and repairing itself.

What do you love about Good Vibes?

Good vibes to me is a really great place to teach as everyone is there because they want to be. I like the fact it is just a class only gym as it focuses much more on the members and that personal touch of getting to know exactly what people are wanting in their workouts.

What do you teach in class?

When I teach my cycle class I try to cover all aspects of training from long climbs to short sharps sprints to try and make it fun and challenging for everyone at each level. I like to make my class have a variety in music to work with the route we are taking.

How will I feel after your class?

After my class you should be feeling energised and all set for the rest of your day, those of you taking part in the double spin on a Monday evening you should expect to get a great night sleep from working yourself hard after a long session as you make sure you eat protein and not to many carbs after especially those which are sugars.

Tell us something surprising about yourself…

I have completed a full ironman which is both physically and mentally challenging!!! You too can achieve such things if you set yourself a goal to be reached. Test yourself!!!! Do it today and mark it down, once it's done, tick it off .

Chloe Hammond is a freelance personal trainer who covers all aspects of training! She has been an indoor cycle instructor for over 12 years and competes in endurance events from triathlons right up to an ironman. She will definitely put you through your paces, whilst keeping things fun and enjoyable so that you keep coming back for more. Chloe likes to play a good mixture of music to try and please everyone and as long as everyone’s working hard, she is always open for requests of course!

17 March 2014